Upholstery / Fabrics / Curtains for Motorhome and Campervan

Our upholstery fabrics have been tested by us for motorhomes and camping buses. Often we offer the fabrics in the original decors of the vehicle manufacturers. We also have foams for the production of upholstery, mattresses and benches in our assortment.

Replace worn and old upholstery in the campervan

If the foam is too old and worn, you can get foam boards in different dimensions and strengths right here. With a density of 35 kg / m3, the foam is suitable for sitting and sleeping. The foams are of course not only suitable as substitutes, but also for self-assembly or for new upholstery.

Accessories for curtains, curtains and other upholstery

Whether zipper or press button, whether Velcro or curtains, we have upholstery and sewing accessories. Everything you need for your motorhome, caravan or campervan. Curtain rails and glides, locks and curtain tape as well as complete curtain kits.