Satellite & Multimedia Systems / Camping TV

Camping TV

Many people want to inform themselves on a camping holiday or watch a movie during bad weather. We have camping TVs in our range for connection to 12 volts, for which voltage fluctuations are no problem. Almost all camping TVs are equipped with DVD player, USB port, DVB-T2 and satellite receiver. In conjunction with a satellite system, an almost Europe-wide reception of German-speaking stations is possible.

Mobile or permanentely installed SAT system?

Fixed SAT systems almost always work fully automatic today. They are mounted on the vehicle roof and are ready for use in a few seconds. Therefore they offer every comfort, especially with frequently changing locations.

Mobile satellite systems usually have to be aligned manually. This is more effort, but the acquisition costs are lower. If you are staying longer in one place, you could certainly consider this variant.

Rear view cameras and navigation

This has little to do with entertainment, it is more of a security aspect.
Rear-view camera systems make it easier to see to the rear. Often the systems can be combined.


And here comes the magic word again. All channels, TV, radio, internet, reversing system and GPS are becoming more and more a unit. So it would certainly be conceivable that car radios with DVD function to show the movies on the TV or navigation via the Internet and appears on the monitor of the rear view camera.