Caravan Security / Campervan Security / Motorhome Security

Theft protection for on the way

We offer safety accessories designed especially for the motorhome security and caravan security, which should make life difficult for potential thieves. A mechanical additional locking on windows or the front door is already deterrent and causes some thief to move along.

Even electronic alarm systems e.g. caravan alarms surprise a burglar by an unexpected, loud siren and expel him or even send a burglary message to your phone.

Your safety is also important

We offer gas detectors, which warn of both common anesthetic gases and propane gas in case of leakage in the gas system. This will allow you to sleep peacefully at night.

In the event of a breakdown, we have safety vests, which are mandatory in many countries as well as fire extinguishers or tire pressure monitoring systems.

To secure your valuables, we recommend the installation of a safe.