Camping Fridge / Coolbox / Air Conditioner / Heater

Fridge or coolbox?

The advantages of a fridge are, that you have a good overview of the content and it is available in many dimensions and designs. The advantages of the coolbox are, that the cold stays better in the box and they are available in small sizes.

Roof mounted air conditioner or under bench air conditioner

Having an air conditioner in your motorhome or caravan is great. Finally no more sleeping at 35°C and more. Air conditioner on the roof can easily be realized and installed. Inside the mounting hole of a rooflight, most models fit. After connecting to the power supply they are ready to use.

Under bench air conditioner are more complex to install but they also offer advantages. The center of gravity in the vehicle is deep and the cold air distribution through a pipe system is flexible and efficient.

Caravan heater, campervan heater, motorhome heater

You can heat your vehicle with gas or fuel. Fuel heaters, such as Diesel heater, are installed in vehicles that do not have gas system. These are often recreation vehicles , small camper and minicamper. The fuel heater takes the fuel from the vehicle tank and it can be installed on the vehicle as well as underneath. Gas heaters provide even, pleasant warmth and are quiet. There are small models of campervans up to large powerful models with integrated water heating. In many motorhomes such combination devices are installed.

For hot water there are of course individual boilers with gas or electric operation.