Living & Sleeping Comfort While Traveling with Motorhome, Caravan or Camper

Cab comfort for campervans and motorhomes

Dashboards ensure order in the cab, the carpet in the footwell makes it comfortable and seat covers protect the car seats and make them a little prettier.

Comfort in the "living room" of your motorhome or caravan

In the "living area" you can use heating foils to reduce the cold of the floor and have it comfortable even on cold days. Cup holders and nets provide additional storage space for e.g. Magazines, coffee mugs or the TV remote control.

Sleeping comfort for everyone

A good sleep on vacation is the alpha and omega for rest. Our mattresses and mattress pads increase sleeping comfort. Mattress pads, such as the Froli bed system, make it even more comfortable and cab beds for children make room for the next generation.