High quality sine wave inverter for professional continuous use

  • Switch-mode technology: compact, lightweight, robust and reliable
  • Protection against over/under voltage, overload, overheating
  • Power saving control with automatic switch-off
  • Mains priority circuit with 10 A automatic circuit breaker (only type series-NVS)
  • Power and temperature controlled fan with speed control
  • Control panel removable and externally mountable (incl. 5m cable)
  • Selectable power saving mode: continuous operation, automatic standby, OFF
  • Output with mains voltage quality (pure sine)
  • Automatic shutdown in case of battery over/under voltage, overload, overheating etc.
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Compromise and trouble-free, trouble-free operation of all mains-powered devices, such as medical... more
Compromise and trouble-free, trouble-free operation of all mains-powered devices, such as medical equipment, radio, charging holders (cell phone, radios, hand lamps, batteries, etc.), laptop, PC, air conditioning, coolers, power tools (drill, angle grinder, etc), TV, SAT, TFT, microwave, coffee machine, hair dryer, fan, lights, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, etc.

Pure sine wave so that the output voltage is supplied with high mains voltage quality. Includes user-friendly control panel for flexible installation, rotated or remote control depending on the desired installation position.

Further specifications:

  • Nominal battery voltage (DC) in [V]: 12 
  • Output voltage (AC) in [V]: 230 pure sine 
  • Output frequency: 50 Hz crystal stabilized
  • Efficiency: > 93 % 
  • CosPhi of loads: all allowed 
  • Output power duration in [W]: 1700 
  • Output power short / peak in [W]: 2100 / 3000 
  • Minimum battery capacity (recommended) in [Ah]: > 150 
  • Current consumption (DC) at rated power in [A]: 165 
  • Battery overvoltage max [V]: 16 
  • Battery undervoltage min. in [V] 10.5 
  • Own consumption in [W]: 10 (switched on, without load) 
  • Own consumption in standby in [W]: 5 (without load) 
  • Battery connection terminals in [mm2]: 2 x 50 
  • Temperature range [°C]: -20 to +45 
  • Degree/class of protection: IP 21
  • Standards (CE): EN 60950
  • Inverter, 5 m connection cable for control panel, battery connection terminals, power cord, operating instructions
  • Input voltage : 12 V
    Output Voltage : 12-230-230 V
    Rated power : 1700 W
    Peak Power : 3000 W
    Standby consumption: 8 Ah
    Length: 265 mm
    Width: 440 mm
    Height: 90 mm
    Weight: 5.2 kg
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