Build Your Own Campervan: Campervan Conversion Parts / Campervan Conversion Supplies

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Build your own campervan usually begins with the conversion of the interior. You should start with effective insulation in the vehicle interior for a successful campervan conversion. You can conveniently buy material for the insulation of the camper as well as the suitable adhesive online. All these materials are particularly elastic, so that they can be optimally molded to the body contours.

If you want to build furniture for your campervan yourself, you can choose between different furniture panels, for example made of plywood or coated wood panels. The poplar plywood carrier material is particularly lightweight and torsion-resistant thanks to 7-fold gluing. The furniture panels have a high impact and scratch resistance. Due to the two-sided coating with high-quality laminate in HPL or CPL quality (laminate). The cozy wood look can also be produced by self-adhesive furniture film.